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The eurozone nations are grouped into either "core" or "periphery" sections. Things to watch here are the 10 year bond rates (mostly the daily +/- column) and the equity markets. "Risk on" says peripheral bonds and equities get bought, while in "risk off" mode money will flow into the core. Note that these are bond yields, so negative numbers means yields are dropping, while positive numbers means yields are rising.

Eurozone Core

NationGDP B$GrowthDebtDeficitDebtGGRCurActNoJob CPI 10Y10Y +/-Eqty +/-SpreadTime
Germany34951.7680.11.5NA4.30.20.39-0.01-0.170.0009:15 EDT
France24881.197-3.31.8NA9.80.10.70- EDT
Netherlands7702.164-1.11.5NA6.70.30.53- EDT
Belgium4701.4106-2.72.1NA8.40.50.710.00-0.300.3209:00 EDT
Finland2391.464-2.41.2NA9.1-0.20.410.000.340.0209:00 EDT

Eurozone Periphery

NationGDP B$GrowthDebtDeficitDebtGGRCurActNoJob CPI 10Y10Y +/-Eqty +/-SpreadTime
Italy18520.8133-2.52.8NA11.50.32.03-0.000.451.6409:10 EDT
Spain12523.1100-4.52.7NA19.4-0.61.43-0.000.701.0309:15 EDT
Portugal2061.0128-3.02.9NA11.20.62.760.01-0.222.3709:00 EDT

Eurozone Daily Bond Yield Chart

spread chart spread chart

Eurozone Monthly Bond Yield Chart

spread chart spread chart