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Even the smallest intermodal shipping container can be as huge as 20 ft long. These containers are lifted vertically through cranes, and this is why they have thick corrugated walls. This corrugation causes a difference in the external and internal sizing of the containers. The inner length is generally 19 ft. 9 inches.

The standard 20 ft container has 8 ft 6 inches outer and 7 ft 10 inches internal height. They are 8 ft. externally and 7 ft. 10 inches wide. The 40 ft shipping containers are almost 2X in length. Apart from these standard shipping containers, high cube 20 ft and 40 ft containers are also regular storage for transportation.

The dry storage containers

Dry storage containers are for transporting solid commodities in bulk. The shipping containers are a dedicated unit that keeps the products fresh and unspoiled. These are big metallic boxes with twist-lock fittings on all eight sizes for getting attached with the cranes to be lifted.